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welding technology

The optimal alternative to soldering technology


Arc welding

The pulse micro arc welder, for applications where precise control and high repetition accuracy are required. The unit can give an accurate current pulse and time pulse. A closed-loop control system ensures stable output power regardless of fluctuations in the mains or temperatures or cable lengths.

Resistance welding

HF DC welding technology.
The HF DC control for highest demands, combining all the established advantages of linear DC devices with the advantages of compactness and performance.
Depending on the energy requirement, the switching frequency (25 - 100 KHz) and thus the control speed is automatically adjusted. This means high flexibility and repetition accuracy over a wider energy range is guaranteed.
Large colour monitor displays all process-relevant variables in graphical and numerical form, including error indication.

LJU Weldingsystems


With our semi-automatic systems, we guarantee you quality production in large quantities.


The pressure swing adsorption technology provides a supply of nitrogen

Rotary indexing tables

Rotary indexing table for the coil manufacturing industry, for the automotive sector and for special applications.

Welding systems

Linear DC welding technology, HF DC welding technology & welding heads

Fully automatic

With our fully automated systems, we guarantee you quality production in large quantities.

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