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Thanks to its modular design, the thick wire wrapping machine of the type SWM 4000 offers absolute fl exibility for the production of coils. We achieve a high level of effi ciency even for a wide range of coil requirements by using highly developed standard and also customised solutions.

The wrapping machine is ideally suited for processing round, fl at (upright) and capillary wire. It has also proven itself for winding centrifuges with copper pipes in the medical equipment fi eld. When designing the machine special attention was paid to ensuring that special tools could be integrated easily to process the starts and ends of the wires/pipes, for instance various bending and swaging tools, mechanical and lase-based stripping and processing systems, and also soldering and welding equipment.

Depending on requirements, full and semiautomatic coil systems are available. We also use our standard modules and the latest hardware and software; software development forms the heart of our systems. As standard, we realise these systems with Siemens or Omron control systems including graphic interface programming and, of course, integrated remote maintenance.

We are your contact partner for the task defi nition phase, project management, commissioning of the entire system or long-term management by our experience service team. Our internal know-how covers all steps from the creative concept, design, production and assembly stages through to testing and sampling in our laboratory. Our company is certifi ed to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Technical Data

Wire range: up to 15 mm x 3 mm
Torque: 200 Nm
Positioning precision: 1/1000 mm or 1/1000 revs
max. cutting circle diameter: ca. 300 mm
max. coil length: ca. 250 mm
Spindle speed: 0…2000 U/min
Operating voltage: 400 V
Connections: USB, Profi net/ EtherCAT
User interface: based on Windows 7 with intuitive touch operation
Remote maintenance: yes (Teamviewer)


  • Coil quality is guaranteed thanks to torque monitoring
  • Can be adapted individually thanks to high modularity
  • Versatile for many areas from coil production through to medical equipment
  • Solid design
  • Wire can be guided over 2 or more servo-axles
  • Stepless adjustable drive motor
  • Modern interface-managed control system
  • Operating data recording and traceability. Also in connection with your databases
  • Remote maintenance as standard
  • Fully automatic program switching
  • Bus-controlled robots in the periphery

We offer

  • State-of-the-art coil engineering technologies
  • Years of experience, competence and presence
  • Customised, solid and inexpensive thanks to modular system
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Customer-friendly service and support

Download the Product Brochure here.

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