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Solder baths


In many areas, e.g. such as electrical and in the automotive industry, only solder joints with lead-free solder are approved. To this end, we have developed an inductive, contactless and durable pump system. For the broadest range of soldering applications, we have developed a wide variety of nozzle shapes. Moreover, in the development, we placed great emphasis on a high level of flexibility for use of the solder baths.

Soldering system

PLA drive: inductive
Dimensions: 220 x 220 x 130 mm
Solder capacity: depending on alloy
max. 25 kg
Solder level indication: resistive monitoring
Total weight:
approx. 48 kg
Heating power: 3,2 KVA
Heating-up time: 45 min = 500°C / ± 2°C
protective Gas N2: min. 200 l/h
Solders types: all electro solders - lead free

Control unit

Control: Siemens Simatic S7
Parameter input: LCD-Display / PC
Interface: 24 V I/O
Interface: Serial RS232
Interface: Profi bus DP
Interface: Ethernet
Operating voltage: 400 V
Connected load: 4 KW / RSS 07 - 5 KW
Timer switch: weekly program
control box:
550 x 600 x 210 mm

Solder wire feed module

Solder wire feed: Ø 3-4 mm / 15 kg / 24 V DC
Solder bars: max. Ø 18 mm

PLA equipment

  • Process monitoring
  • Inductive, contact free and durable solder pump
  • Modular soldering system, a basic set-up for all applications
    • Single spot
    • Jet type nozzle
    • Curtain type nozzle
  • N2- Protective gas atmosphere
  • S7-Simatic controller for additional options and PC
  • Touch screen interface including Windows User Interface
  • Wear- resistant heating system

Advantages of the PLA 2010

  • One standard system for 3 soldering methods
  • Pin oriented (selective) soldering
  • Heat directly and without losses at the soldering position
  • Smallest soldering times (30-1.000ms)
  • Tex-E wire without pre-treatment
  • No mechanical driving elements
  • Process monitoring
  • Shortest changeover times
  • Service friendly soldering system
  • Signifi cant reduction of dross and oxides
  • Minimised thermal load for the products to be soldered
  • Easy accessibility
  • Quick changeover of the soldering methods
  • Remainders such as Cu, Fe, Ni and others, will be collected separately
  • Laminar streamlined and constant solder flow
  • Very simple and easy to integrate in automatic systems

Download the product brochure in PDF.

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