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Bandaging systems

The BG 302 bandaging device

…for automatic insulation of electrical windings from coils with self-adhesive strips. With the process, belt tension and belt running are reliably monitored and continuously adjusted. All bandaging parameters are freely programmable with comfortably designed menus. Coil-specific parts, such as fitting heads and locating pins, can be replaced with no tools and in a few steps.

The basic housing is made of light metal with casing on all sides and integrated spindle drive system for belt tension and belt running correction. Optoelectronic sensors that are insensitive to interference from extraneous light constantly check and readjust the belt run. Three regulated servo drives power the belt feed, belt run and winding spindle. A coordinate table with pneumatic actuator is used for setting up and cutting the belt.

  • Automatic insulation of wound coils
  • Tumbling axis of the winding material
  • Laser measuring system
  • Belt centres itself
  • Belt tension and belt running is monitored visually and adjusted electronically
  • Bandaging parameters are conveniently programmable via menus
  • External operating console with LCD display