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Laser testing systems

The LJU LASER test system for coplanarity measurement, e.g. of SMD components: The core of the system is a profile sensor that measures the component at predefined points. The device itself consists of a servo table on which a quick-change workpiece holder is mounted. A profile sensor is located above the component holder. Pre-programmed positions are approached fully automatically in order to subsequently record the coplanarity for a component (several points are considered coplanar if they lie in one plane). The evaluation of the measurement is simple and clear with a characteristic curve and the associated numerical values in tabular form. The values obtained can also be optionally stored in a CSV file on the laptop. The device is controlled via a laptop.

Test & measurement solutions

  • SMD laser testers
  • Laser measurement systems

LJU Laser testing systems

laser measurement system

Lasermesssystem, einfach und übersichtlich mit einer Kennlinie und den zugehörigen Zahlenwerten in Tabellenform

SMD laser inspection device

SMD Laserprüfgerät, vollautomatische vorprogrammierte Positionen anfahren und erhaltene Werte optional in einer CSV.Datei auf dem Laptop ablegen lassen

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