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lju Sondermaschinenbau

Our product range contains diversified, customer-oriented programms of components for the spool processing industry.



The service in our enterprise is an important component at the support of our customers during and after the guarantee period, the machines produced by us.



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The company

LJU Sondermaschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1994.

The company’s activity is focused on the development and manufacturing of system modules and complete systems for the different production processes for the coil manufacturing industry. Based on years and years of cooperation with Siemens, with other leading companies in the electro technical and electronic industry and the Technical University of Berlin we were specializing ourselves the last couple of years in the development and manufacturing of automatic soldering and assembly systems, tools and fi xtures for the manufacturing of coils. Our strengths are not just within the range of developing standard solutions. Individual and for every customer solutions tuned to his needs are representative for our abilities.

Our company is showing since then a substantial growth of its market share on both the German and the international market.

The products

Our product basket shows a broad customer oriented program of modules for the coil manufacturing industry such as winding-, soldering- and taping technique, electronic wire tension controllers, reels and customer specifi c systems. Out of these modules and based on a customer specifi cation we can build fully automatic assembly lines.

We are offering you a wide variety of products and solutions perfectly matching with your demands.