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Welding systems

Linear DC welding technology, HF DC welding technology & welding heads

Welding systems

LJU uses welding equipment from various manufacturers, particularly LINGL and MIYACHI PECO, to connect enamelled copper wires to coils and for various connections in automated assembly.


Arc welding

LJU uses arc welders from various manufacturers for applications where precise control and high repetition accuracy are required. The device can give very precise current and time pulses, so that ideal connections to coils can be realised here. A closed-loop control system ensures stable output power regardless of fluctuations in the mains or temperatures or cable lengths.


Linear DC welding technology

Transistor-controlled linear DC controllers with user-friendly graphic interface for small currents up to max. 1000 A

Ideally suited for applications in the micro range, where the highest process stability and repetition accuracy are required.

As with all MacGregor units, welding monitoring is also integrated here. The dynamic parameters dependent on the process, such as voltage or current, are displayed on the colour monitor in the form of a welding curve. The average profile determined from a number of good welds can serve as the basis for a freely programmable envelope curve and is therefore ideally suited for process monitoring.


HF DC welding technology

The m3 is an HF DC control unit for the highest demands that combines all the well-known features of linear DC units with the advantages of compactness and high performance.

Three different constant control modes can be selected via the user-friendly interface.

Depending on the energy requirement, the switching frequency (25 - 100 KHz) and thus the control speed is automatically adjusted. This means high flexibility and repetition accuracy over a wider energy range.

A large colour monitor displays all process-relevant variables in graphical and numerical form, including error indication.

The process variables (voltage and current) and also the electrode penetration depth can be monitored via a freely programmable envelope curve.

Device can be selected as 1-phase or 3-phase version


Welding heads

Thanks to its modular design, MacGregor offers a suitable solution for a wide range of applications. Whether manual workstation or semi-automatic or fully automatic.

Integrated spring system, low mass and low-play guides guarantee optimum repositioning behaviour, even with the shortest welding times.

Force range from 2 - 500 N

Can be optimally equipped with integrated distance measurement system.

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