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Spot soldering and selective soldering system PLA 2010

Inductive, non-contact and durable pump system for a wide range of soldering applications with a large variety of nozzle shapes.

Spot soldering and selective soldering system PLA 2010

In many areas, such as the electrical and automotive industries, only lead-free solder is approved for soldering. In addition, we have developed an inductive, contactless and durable pump system.
We have developed a wide variety of nozzle shapes for the most diverse soldering applications.
Furthermore, during the development we placed great emphasis on a high degree of flexibility in the use of the solder baths.

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  • One standard device for 3 solder types
  • PIN oriented soldering
  • Immediate heat and loss-free at connection point
  • Shortest soldering times (30 - 1000 ms)
  • Tex-E wire without pre-treatment
  • No mechanical drive elements
  • Process monitoring
  • Shortest changeover times
  • Maintenance-optimised soldering system
  • Significantly reduced dross and slag formation
  • Minimum thermal stress on the soldering products
  • Easy accessibility
  • Rapid change of solder types
  • Alloys such as Cu, Fe, Ni and the like are separated out separately
  • Laminar, constant and smoothed solder flow
  • Very simple and easy to integrate in automatic systems


  • Inductive soldering drive
  • Process monitoring
  • Inductive, contactless and durable solder drive
  • Modular solder system, one base system for all applications
  • Spot nozzle
  • Stream nozzle
  • Solder curtain
  • N2 insert gas system
  • S7-Simatic controller for expansion options and PC
  • 17“ TFT Monitor with Windows®-based user interface
  • Wear-free heating system

Technische Informationen

Technische Daten Technical specifications

PLA drive Electromagnetically inductive
Dimensions 220 x 220 x 130 mm
Solder volume Depending on alloy,max. 25 kg
Solder level Resistive monitoring
Total weight (Solder/PLA) ca. 48 kg
Heating power 3.2 kVA
Warm-up time 45 min = 500°C / ± 2°C
N2 inert gas From 200 l/h
Solder used All electric solders are lead-free


Control system Siemens Simatic S7
Parameter entry LCD-Display / PC
Interface 24 V I/O
Interface Serial RS 232
Interface PROFINET, EtherCAT
Operating voltage 400 V
Connection power 4 kW / RSS 07 - 5 kW
Timer Weekly program
Control cabinet dimensions 550 x 600 x 210 mm

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