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Robot soldering system RSS 3000

Robot soldering system RSS 3000

Robot soldering system RSS 3000

The PLA is a modern electromagnetic induction pump adapted to lead-free soldering technology. When it comes to soldering time, it is unsurpassed in the field of wired components. The very low maintenance and operating costs, combined with the advantages of the quick-change nozzle system, represent the very latest technology.

Adapted nozzle shapes are available for the manufacture of your products.

No matter which product: A few steps, low costs and you have 3 different soldering processes with one solder bath.

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  • Inductive soldering drive
  • Lead-free soldering system
  • Compact design
  • Process monitoring
  • Ultra-flexible
  • Modularity
  • All degrees of freedom through 6-axis
  • The solution for small and medium quantities
  • Inline or autonomous
  • Easy operator guidance with graphical user interface
  • Process monitoring and data acquisition
  • One standard device for 3 solder types
  • PIN oriented soldering
  • Immediate heat energy and loss-free at connection point
  • Short soldering times (30 - 1000 ms)
  • Tex-E wire soldering without pre-treatment
  • Process monitoring:
  • Solder jet
  • Solder height
  • Overflow monitoring
  • N2 5.0 inert gas
  • Temperature behaviour
  • Short changeover times
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy accessibility
  • Rapid change of solder types
  • Interfaces: V24 (RS 232), Ethernet, USB, OPC-UA, SQL-Server
  • Bus systems: PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP

Technische Informationen

Technische Daten Technical specifications

PLA drive: Electromagnetically inductive
Solder volume: Depending on alloy,max. 25 kg
Solder level: Resistive monitoring
Warm-up time: 45 min = 500°C / ± 2°C
Solder used: All electric solders are lead-free
Control system: Siemens Simatic S7, Beckhoff TwinCAT, Omron SPS
Parameter entry: LCD-Display / PC
Remote maintenance: Yes
Solder wire feed: Ø 3-4 mm / 15 kg / 24 V DC
Solder bars: Max. Ø 18 mm
N2 5.0 inert gas Min. 200 l/h
Gas pressure: Max. 5 bar
Inert gas monitoring: Flow measurement
Dimensions: 1500 x 1500 x 1900 mm
Operating voltage: 400 V
Connection power: 4 kW
Compressed air: 5 bar


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